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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Jamie Foxx Says Sela Vave Is 'The Next Beyoncé'

After breaking up with Katie Holmes, ­Jamie Foxx is spending a lot of time with young singer Sela Vave — and he’s telling his close friends, “She’s the next Beyoncé.”

Foxx appears to be grooming singer and model Vave for mega­stardom, and has been showing her off to his ­influential pals in the business.

One source said, “Jamie is saying that Sela is an amazing singer, that she’s ‘the future ­Beyoncé.’ He’s introducing her to his friends in the music and entertainment industry — and getting her to sing on the spot to show off her talents.”

The two were seen holding hands as they left Bootsy Bellows nightclub in LA last weekend, heading to his Lamborghini SUV.

Meanwhile, Foxx has strongly denied dating Vave, pointing out she’s as young as his daughter Corinne, 25.

Some reports list Vave as 21, while other sources say she is just 19.

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