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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Kelsea Ballerini Meets Jonas Brothers Twelve Years After Entering Contest

Kelsea Ballerini had the opportunity to see and meet the Jonas Brothers... after 12 years. 

She went on Instagram and posted a video of her for a contest entry. She captioned it,“Only took 12 years to win the JoBro meet & greet. Swipe for my 2008 contest entry from DEEP IN THE ARCHIVES OK GOODBYE."

In the video, 12-year-old Kelsea said,“Hey it's me again making another video. This time I'm going to talk about five reasons why I love the Jonas Brothers and the first one is their passion to music. I love to sing and I love to write songs and they do too and I think that would be an awesome thing to meet someone who has that same passion and is living their dream now and I think it's be really cool to talk about."

Nick Jonas saw Kelsea’s post and said, “Incredible.” 

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