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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Kendall Jenner Has Spent An Insane Amount Of Money On Postmates

Kendall Jenner is teaming up with The Receipt to reveal her Postmates order history.

In total, the model & reality star, has spent over $10,000 on 153 orders (since 2015). These orders have been placed in 14 cities with 94 merchants, totaling 433 items.

Kendall, who travels all over the world for work, places the most orders in Los Angeles (her hometown), New York City and Philadelphia, where she previously spent time with her former beau, 76ers basketball star Ben Simmons.

Kendall's top food to order? That would be sushi, specifically from her fave spot, Matsuhisa. In fact, according to The Receipt, Kendall has spent over $1,219 at the beloved sushi spot.

Kendall's largest single Postmates order was, of course, from Matsuhisa, totaling $588.77. Meanwhile, her smallest order was on a bottle of nail polish remover form CVS, which cost $4.56.

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