Justin Bieber Mocks Taylor Swift's Banana Freakout On Instagram Live

On The Tonight Show last week, Jimmy Fallon aired embarrassing footage of Taylor Swift crying over a banana while loopy on anesthesia after getting Lasik eye surgery.

Now Swift's nemesis Justin Bieber has mocked her banana freakout on Instagram Live. "IT'S NOT THE BANANA THAT I WANTED," Bieber yelled in his kitchen on Sunday during a lengthy livestream apparently filmed by wife Hailey Baldwin. "It's not the right--it has no head!"

Baldwin can be heard off-camera laughing and telling Bieber, "That was so funny." Not surprisingly, Swifties aren't amused.

"This isn't news. He's a bully and deserves no attention," one tweeted, while another wrote, "Wow, the way he's trying to stay relevant amazed me."

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