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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Critics Warned Kanye West Dating Kim Kardashian Would Ruin His Career

Kanye West received serious backlash after he began dating Kim Kardashian.

In a sneak peek of her upcoming E! “True Hollywood Story” special, Kim said, “I mean, everyone would tell him,'You can't be with her! She's a reality star! She's gonna sink your career!’And he was just like, 'But I love her. Like, I don't care.’”

The two began dating in 2012, a whole decade after they initially met. Kim wishes they didn't wait so long. She said,“I met Kanye in 2002. He would ask everyone who I was, and they always said, 'Oh, she has a boyfriend.' We just always kept on connecting and coming into each other's lives, and then he invited me to Paris to his fashion show, and then that's when it happened. That's when we started our relationship. I was like, ‘Sh-t! Why didn't this happen sooner?!'" 

Kim Kardashian's E! "True Hollywood Story" special airs Sunday, October 13th at 10 p.m.

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