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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Seth Rogen Responds After Underage Kid Is Arrested With "McLovin" ID

An underage kid in Iowa got arrested for getting drunk with a fake ID inspired by the movieSuperbad--and Seth Rogen is "McLovin" it! Daniel Alfredo Burleson was arrested last Friday in Iowa City after a police officer reportedly spotted him holding an alcoholic beverage in a bar.

Under questioning, the inebriated Burleson ultimately produced both his real ID--which showed he's only 20--and a fake "McLovin" ID he says he bought off Amazon, which noted a birthdate of June 3, 1981. Just like in the movie!

On Wednesday, Rogen--who co-wrote and co-starred in the 2007 comedy--tweeted in response, "My work here is done."

Meanwhile, Burleson faces charges for possession of a fictitious license, unlawfully possessing alcohol, public intoxication, and being under the legal age in a bar.

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