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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Stormi Demands to Hear "Daddy Sing" After Hearing Moms "Rise & Shine" Meme

Stormi Webster apparently knows which side of her family's got the real musical talent!

On Thursday, mom Kylie Jenner shared an Instagram video in which her 20-month-old daughter listens to a song that samples Kylie's viral "rise and shine" lyric--but then demands to hear "daddy sing!" instead. "No, baby, that's mommy! Mommy's singing!"

Kylie initially tells Stormi the first time she asks for Travis Scott's music. Stormi then turns off the music coming from her mom's phone and again demands, "Daddy sing!"

A laughing Kylie replies, "I'm not good enough?" Earlier this week, Kylie shared a video tour of the Kyile Cosmetics offices and sang "rise and shine" to Stormi upon entering her office nursery.

Her vocal performance has gone so viral that Ariana Grande has even asked to sample the tune.

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