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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Kylie Jenner Is Now Selling "Rise & Shine" Hoodies

Kylie Jenner is pouncing on the Web frenzy surrounding the "Rise & Shine" video meme that exploded late last week, and will release clothing items that include the newly famous phrase, Us Weekly reports.

For a mere $65, fans can now order black or white hoodies that feature the words and a pic of Jenner's smiling face. The meme comes from a 15-minute video Jenner released last week, in which she's seen singing the words to her sleeping daughter Stormi.

The meme took the internet by storm, and even Jenner got in on the fun, editing her face into the Teletubbies sun baby and posting it to her Instagram page.

Ariana Grande asked Jenner if she could sample the tune, and Jenner answered, "Yes, yes you can, as long as I’m in the music video.”

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