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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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‘Joker’ Has Created New Tourist Attraction & Locals Aren't Happy

Thanks to a scene in the “Joker” movie, people are flocking to a New York City neighborhood to create memes.

In the movie, Joaquin Phoenix dances down a city staircase to Gary Glitter’s "Rock and Roll Part 2.”

The staircase is in the High bridge section of the Bronx, at West 167th Street.The site has become a surprise tourist attraction.

Not everyone is happy about the staircase being a new hot spot.Locals are getting the word out about everything from the steepness of the staircase to the roughness of the area where it's located.

One local said:”I've literally fallen down these stairs before.”

Another said: "If you wanna get robbed then sure. I grew up there all my life and if you ain't from there, don't know people from there then don't be chillin in the hood.”

A local was bummed about the lack of support for the area: "If you're coming here don't just take a picture on our steps, buy something from a local business to support the community.”

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