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Jason Momoa Answers "Aquaman" Questions From Kelly Clarkson's Kids

On Tuesday's episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Jason Momoa agreed to let the host's children ask him questions about Aquaman, as both kids are big fans of the movie.

Clarkson's five-year-old daughter River was very interested in knowing whether Aquaman knew Ariel, the Little Mermaid, and Momoa responded, "Yes, Ariel's very sweet. She's very nice."

The actor also joked with Clarkson's three-year-old son Remy, telling him that one day he'd teach the boy about redheads. "They're very passionate people," said Momoa. When Remy asked where Aquaman goes to the bathroom, the actor said simply, "everywhere."

As for Momoa's own two children with actress Lisa Bonet, the actor says his son didn't like seeing him get beat up in the movie, and also mentioned that his 12-year-old daughter hasn't begun dating yet. "Lola is a saint. She is going to be a nun," he joked.

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