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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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WATCH: Robert Pattinson Slams Method Actors Who Play "A**holes

Paging Jared Leto! Robert Pattinson slams actors who go Method in a new sit down with Jennifer Lopez forVariety. "I always say…you only ever see people doing Method acting when they’re playing an a**hole," the 33-year-old The Batman star says. 

“You never see someone just being lovely to everyone going, ‘I’m really deep in character.’” As Page Six notes, the diss may have been directed toward at least a couple celebs who preceded him in the Caped Crusader franchise--like Leto, who's said he sent his Suicide Squad co-stars a dead pig and used condoms before playing the Joker.

Fellow Batman portrayer Christian Bale was also "famously given a pass for his notorious meltdown on the set of Terminator Salvation because of his 'immersive' style."

Meanwhile, R-Patz also said he can't believe his Twilight franchise was such a huge hit. "I mean, it’s a weird story, Twilight," he explains. "It’s strange how people responded."

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