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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Lyft Driver Attacks Female Passenger & Then Gets Beat Up By Other Drivers

A Lyft driver pulled a female passenger out of his car and started to attack her in the street.

The woman says the whole thing started when she started playing a song from her phone. The driver demanded she turn it off, she refused, and they started arguing. He told her he was going to throw her out of the car and she called 911.

Video shows the driver get out of the car and open the back door. Then he yanks a young woman from the seat behind him and starts dragging her out of the vehicle while tossing her stuff out at the same time.

Drivers in other cars saw it unfolding and a few guys stopped to help.Several guys teamed up on the Lyft driver.

Police officers were flagged down and they cited the Lyft driver for misdemeanor battery.

The woman says she went to the hospital and was diagnosed with a concussion. She also says she has bruises all over her body, a sprained ankle and a black eye.

No word on whether she plans to pursue legal action against Lyft.

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