Lil Nas X Explains Where the "X" In His Name Comes From

Hey "Panini," what you even meanie? This week, Lil Nas X sat down with GQ to answer burning questions from fans--including the meaning behind his second hit single.

"Panini is a character from a Cartoon Network TV show called Chowder," he explained. "She represents fans who love you while you're small, but don't love you when you get to a certain height of success, pretty much."

Lil Nas X also came clean about why his rap moniker ends in an "X." “I’m the 10th version of Lil Nas,” he jokingly confesses.

“When they were making us in the factory, we just came out this way.” Lil Nas X also said in his interview that he can sing without Autotune and that he can whistle the Jeopardy! theme song.

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