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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Did Selena Gomez Pee Her Pants On The Way To Ed Sheeran Concert?

Selena Gomez may have offered up a bit too much information in an interview she did on British radio on Tuesday, The Blast reports, after acknowledging that she "soiled" her pants on the way to an Ed Sheehan concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

The singer was playing a game called "Liar, Liar" where she had to tell three stories, only one of which was true. One of the stories revolved around a weapons training story, one involved a wedding cake, while the third was a wee bit more realistic.

"Ed Sheeran was playing at the Hollywood Bowl and there was so much traffic," Gomez said. "I was very uncomfortable, let's say... down there in that area," adding, "So, I will say that it was the first time that I had maybe soiled my pants a bit."

The singer seemed to take it in stride while admitting it was a true story.

She also believes Sheeran would approve, because she didn't let the accident ruin night, and instead went to the show and had a great time after wrapping a hoodie around her waist to conceal the evidence. 

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