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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Nick Jonas Says He Doesn’t Blame Brothers For Grammys "Spinachgate"

Nick Jonas says he was humbled by his recent "spinachgate" moment at the Grammys, where he was seen with spinach in his teeth while performing with his brothers, The New York Post reports.

The Jonas' were appearing on a radio interview Wednesday, and Nick said he was baffled by the incident because "I had only eaten one thing hours before the performance,” adding, “I had what I have every day for breakfast: egg white omelet, spinach, mushrooms, little bit of feta cheese,” Nick explained, adding that he’s no stranger to a green tooth “from time to time.”

Kevin Jonas then said that he and brother Joe had done a "teeth check" with each other, but forgot to include Kevin. Nick took it in stride, calling it “funny” and “a little embarrassing” and that it wasn't Joe and Kevin's job to check his teeth.

"You can be having the best year of your career, at the top of your game, performing on the Grammys as a nominee, and still have spinach in your teeth,” Nick said. “So, God has an amazing way of humbling you." 

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