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Justin Bieber Buys Kobe Bryant Tribute Art & Raises 12K For Kobe Foundation

Justin Bieber apparently started a trend after he bought some cartoon Kobe Bryant tribute art. Justin spotted the piece at an art shop in Los Angeles and dropped $1200.

He hung it up at his house and people took notice of the piece when he posted a pic on Instagram.

The cartoon Kobe art is a teddy bear wearing Kobe’s signature Nikes, a Mamba hoodie under Kobe's #8 Lakers jersey, and palming a basketball.

Thanks to Justin’s post, the interest grew and the artists started making and selling miniature versions of the piece for $200 a pop.They donated 24 percent of the profits to Kobe’s MambaOnThree Fund.

They ended up selling 260 mini Mamba bears during a 2-day limited sale, which was enough to make a $12,480 donation to Kobe's foundation.

Mamba OnThree was created to support the families of the 7 other victims, besides Kobe and Gigi, who died in the crash.

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