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Hillary Duff Explains Why She Wants "Lizzie McGuire" Reboot To Move To Hulu

Hillary Duff wants to move the reboot of her show Lizzie McGuire to Hulu instead of Disney+, according to Consequence of Sound.

On Friday in an Instagram post, Duff gave a full-throated explanation of why she thinks the show should move. “Was incredibly excited to launch Lizzie on D+ and my passion remains! However... I’d be doing a disservice to everyone by limiting the realities of a 30-year-old’s journey to live under the ceiling of a PG rating. It’s important to me that just as her experiences as a preteen/teenager navigating life were authentic, her next chapters are equally as real and relatable."

She added, "It would be a dream if Disney would let us move the show to Hulu, if they were interested, and I could bring this beloved character to life again.”

Duff's views seem to echo those of show creator Terri Minsky, who was fired by Disney in January because the company didn't like the first two episodes of the reboot.

Disney said at the time they wanted to "put a new lens on the show."

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