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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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WATCH: Harry Styles Opens Up About V-Day Robbery

Harry Styles opened up in a Tuesday radio interview about being robbed at knifepoint in London back on Valentine's Day. The pop star said a group of guys followed him down a deserted street before surrounding him and asking if he wanted to buy weed.

He also said, "They wrote that there was only one guy so I'd like to clarify that there was more than one guy...They were like, 'It says there was a guy with a knife.' I was like, 'Just one?'" He then joked, "It was a bunch of guys. It was 87 guys."

Styles ultimately chose to run away after handing over his wallet, but refusing to hand over his phone--even though running proved challenging given his choice of pants.

"Usually when I'm out walking I'm wearing, like, running stuff," he explained. "This was the one night I'm wearing, like, corduroy flares and shoes."

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