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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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David Beckham Talks About His Kids & Gets Scared By Justin Bieber On Ellen

David Beckham got a scare from pal Justin Bieber on Wednesday's episode of Ellen. The 44-year-old retired soccer star was talking about trick-or-treating at Bieber's house with his kids when the pop star popped out of Ellen's infamous, trick-top side table.

"We all follow Justin on Instagram, of course, and we're all fans and we all love him," Beckham explained.

"It was coming toward the end of our night trick-or-treating and the kids have had far too much candy and enjoyed themselves a lot." That's when one of Beckham's kids informed him that Bieber was giving away snow cones as a treat, so they all headed to his house.

A moment after Beckham finished his story, Bieber leapt out from the table and screamed, "Ahhhhhh!"

He then hugged Beckham and apologized for scaring him. 

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