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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Miley Cyrus "Freaked" After Cody Simpson Reads Her Love Poem On IG Live

The PDA in the Cyrus-Simpson household cannot be contained! On Thursday, Cody Simpson made Miley Cyrus blush when he read a love poem he'd written for her on her Instagram Live series, Bright Minded.

The poem goes: "In the ancient night, she flies once more / Back to her home in the stars / I try to chase her there, but fall short / For I cannot breathe up that high / In the radiant heavens where she lingers / I can only admire her from below / Humble, starry-eyed poet with a desire for that which is most beautiful / And she is most beautiful."

Cyrus gushed in reply, "Babe! I'm freaked! I'm the most beautiful?"

She then admitted to giving Simpson his recent buzzcut before plugging his poetry book, which arrives April 7--with Cyrus noting that if fans buy the audiobook, they can hear Simpson "whispering into their ear like you do to me every single night."

The two were recording their conversation from separate rooms; after Simpson hung up on Cyrus, she told viewers, "He's the only one that's hung up on me first. That's why I'm into this guy."

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