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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Britney Spears Spoofs "..Baby One More Time" & We Love It!

Britney Spears is the latest poster child of social-distancing thanks to her hilarious Instagram post spoofing her biggest hit single. This week, the pop star posted an illustration that shows her sporting her pigtails and sexy-private-school uniform from the "...Baby One More Time" video while holding up a bottle of Purell sanitizer.

Even better, the lyrics "My loneliness is killing me" appear next to the drawing--except "killing me" is crossed out and "saving me" is written beneath it. "Enough said," Spears captioned the post.

"Thank you to all of the healthcare workers tirelessly working to keep us safe during this time!!!!"

The Los Angeles Times notes that Spears' Instagram has been a surprise source of humor and inspiration during the pandemic as Spears has done everything from sharing yoga workouts to giving away money to those in need.

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