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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Britney Spears Says She Accidentally "Burnt Down" Her Home Gym

Britney Spears took to Instagram Wednesday to reveal that she accidentally burnt down her home gym sometime in the last six months, Entertainment Tonight reports.

In the post, Spears describes the blaze, saying, "it was an accident ….but yes …. I burnt it down. I walked past the door to the gym and flames BOOM!!!!!!" She also said that an alarm went off and nobody was injured, but "now I have only two pieces of equipment left."

Spears added a video to accompany the post, in which she said, "I haven't been in here for, like, six months because I burnt my gym down, unfortunately. I had two candles and, yeah, one thing led to another and I burned it down."

After the confession, Spears then launched into her quarantine workout, which involves lifting dumbbells and doing a variety of squats, planks and stretches.

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