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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Chrissy Teigen Ends Fued After Food Columnist Alison Roman's Apology

Chrissy Teigen and fellow cookbook author Alison Roman appear to have patched up their differences after an online spat last week, Page Six reports.

In a Q&A last week, Roman had said that Teigen's Cravings empire "horrifies" her as a fellow entrepreneur. Roman apologized on Monday, admitting the attacks came from her own insecurities and white privilege in a lengthy statement posted to Twitter.

“It was stupid, careless, and insensitive. I need to learn, and respect, the difference between being unfiltered and honest vs. being uneducated and flippant,” Roman tweeted.

Teigen responded. "Thank you for this, @alisoneroman. To be clear, it never once crossed my mind for you to apologize for what you genuinely thought! The comments stung, but they moreso stung because they came from you! It wasn’t my usual news break of some random person hating everything about me."

Teigen also told Roman, "I still think you are incredibly talented." 

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