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Kodak Black Trying To Help 5th Graders Who Got Screwed Over By Hilton Hotel

A Hilton hotel is allegedly trying to keep field trip money that was raised by a bunch of 5th graders from Florida.

The school is fighting back, and it has some allies: rapper Kodak Black and his attorney.

5th grade students from Pinewood Elementary School in Florida raised $17k by selling candy and washing cars for a field trip to Washington, D.C.The week-long trip was planned and booked well before the coronavirus pandemic hit. The trip itself was supposed to happen in March.

But, once the virus hit, the school canceled the trip and tried to get a refund for about a month from Homewood Suites by Hilton for their 30 rooms.The hotel is charging a cancellation fee of $20,612.

The hotel told the school: ”Since we already received payments of $17,931 your balance is $2,681. We will use the credit card we have on file unless noted otherwise."

The principal got involved, and last week, Hilton finally refunded $7k to the kids. That means the hotel kept $10,931.

That’s when Kodak Black got involved. Kodak’s attorney, who’s working on this pro bono, is trying to help the kids get a refund. He says Kodak grew up close to the school and is willing to pay for the class trip, if Hilton keeps their money.

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