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The Good, the Bad and the Gossip

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Taylor Swift Surprises Young Fan Who Wrote Touching Letter To Mailman

Emerson Weber, an 11-year-old from Sioux Falls, Dakota, recently wrote to her local mailman thanking him for his service during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Her dad shared on Twitter.  Letters began flooding their mailbox-- and one of the letters came from Taylor Swift.

He tweeted,“This afternoon, we received two packages in the mail. One a bundle of letters from postal workers around the country. The other box was oversized and covered in ‘Please Handle With Care. Thank You,’ stickers." 

When Emerson pulled back the packing materials, there was bubble wrapped gift with a tag that said,“To EM. From Tay.”

Inside the package, there was also a hand painted envelope from Taylor. In a handwritten letter from Taylor to Emerson, Taylor was “touched, honored and happy” to hear about Emerson mentioning Taylor and her music in the letters she was sending out.

Emerson was over the moon and delighted with the package one of her favorite artist's sent her. She even shared some of the merch Taylor sent with one of her best friends. 

Her dad tweeted, “We're a puddle of tears over here. And, it has nothing to do with Taylor's celebrity. It has everything to do with her humanity. Inexplicably, she sees Em. She sees her beauty. She sees her heart. She sees the real her.”

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