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Elizabeth Banks To Star As Ms. Frizzle In New "Magic School Bus" Film

Elizabeth Banks has signed on to play the role of Ms. Frizzle in a new live-action hybrid movie based on the popular children's series Magic School Bus, UPI reports.

The film is based on the Scholastic book series written by Joanna Cole, which also had an animated TV series back in the 1990s. Lily Tomlin voiced Ms. Frizzle in the animated series, and SNL star Kate McKinnon starred as Ms. Frizzle's sister, Fiona, in a 2017 sequel series on Netflix.

"We are delighted to bring to life the iconic Ms. Frizzle and her zest for knowledge and adventure in a fresh new way that inspires the next generation of kids to explore science and supports the dedicated teachers who help make science real and accessible for young learners every day," said producer Iole Lucchese.

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