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Suzette's Psychology test

Lets unlock a lot about your subconscious self

Go with your gut, don’t overthink it

Imagine your walking through the woods with somebody else

Who is that person?

Whoever you picked is the most important person in your life right now

As you guys are walking through the woods, you hear noise coming from a bush and an animal pops out.

What kind of animal is it and what do you do?

The size of your animal is the side of your stress

And what you did is how you usually react to stress

You guys keep walking and you stumble upon a house

How big is the house and do you see a fence?

If you saw a fence, you’re a close minded person.

If there was no fence, you’re an open minded person

The size of the house is the size of your ambition

You guys decide to go inside the house and you find a cup and a table

What kind of cup is it?

And what do you see on the table?

The durability of this cup is how strong you feel the relationship is with the person you’re walking with

The more stuff you saw on the table, the happier you are

You leave the house and you find a body of water

How big is it and how do you get across?

The size of the water is the size of your sexual desire

And if you swam across, that means you’re more likely to do something about those sexual desires.

As oppose to someone that walked around it.