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you found WHAT in your house?

No I don't need a Pillow... but maybe I do!

NYEAHHH.... hilarious! TODAY ON THE SHOW, we talked briefly yesterday about Swarm and Luther on TV but today we really dive in! Also, it's TUESDAYYY and Johnjay's got a game for youuuu! Have you ever heard of Trickle Down Therapy? Payton will explain. Plus, it's an ALL NEW SECOND DATE UPDATE, Judge Payton, and SO MUCH MORE!

Johnjay & Rich Present: SECOND DATE UPDATE


Batman, Superman, and Star Wars... Nic must be involved.

Between Star Wars news and Jason Segel reveals, there is a lot going on in Nic's world. PLUS, Kyle got a piano and DEFINITELY knows how to play.

Payton finding out Joe Jonas had another Band is SENDING ME

CAKE BY THE OCEAN? More like, Amnesia In The Studio! Payton learned something today that SHOOK her to the core. TODAY ON THE SHOW, Noah and Payton went to the ERAS TOUR! Taylor Swift dominated this state as well as their weekends. Also, someone has an idea for some change for the show. Will we agree? Plus, KYLE WENT TO DISNEYLAND last week and she has all the details! All of this and SO MUCH MORE today on Johnjay & Rich!

We Feel as GREEN as the cheese in Kyle's Mini Fridge!

We didn't do a story on Kyle's fridge today, but I share an office with her.... things go on in that fridge that shouldn't.... TODAY ON THE SHOW, IT IS ST PATRICKS DAY WOOOOO! Today is also ERAS TOUR KICKOFF DAY and Noah contemplates SELLING HIS TICKETS?!??! Also, someone called us and told us her most EMBARRASSING MOMENT ON THE ROAD, and of course it's FRIDAYYY and Johnjay's GOT A GAME FOR YOUUUUU (BARS EDITION)
Plus, it's an ALL NEW SPRING BREAK BUST, A DIRTY LITTLE SECRET, and Grant has a list of movies that supposedly make you cool? All of this and SO MUCH MORE TODAY on Johnjay & Rich! Happy Friday!

** Today we revisited one of our FAVORITES this month, UNWRITTEN RELATIONSHIP RULES! Be thinking of any relationship stories you want to share with us and pitch them next week! Call us 5-10 AM PST and ask to be on the show later! We will book your call! 877-937-1047 **

Johnjay & Rich Present: SPRING BREAK BUST



Watch out! Noah's Mom is on the hunt! You are not safe! Nobody is.... Today On The Show, why was Johnjay not Rich's best man? The answer is actually simple and funny! Meanwhile, Grant got SLAMMED with a large bill and Payton gets called out on the way she drives?!?! Also, can you be both introverted and extroverted AT THE SAME TIME??! Johnjay has a study that proves the impossible. PLUS, it's an ALL NEW WAR OF THE ROSES, and test your Pre St. Patricks Day luck in a special Payton's Predictions. All of this and SO MUCH MORE today on Johnjay & Rich!

Johnjay & Rich Present: WAR of the ROSES


Do YOU have a Side Hustle?

TODAY ON THE SHOW, Baby Noah called us in 2017 and SOMONE WENT BACK IN THE PODCAST to find it! How cute! Also, Johnjay the DOS and DONTS of Marriage! Plus, an ALL NEW SPRING BREAK BUST! The hijinks are on the rise this week, ITS SPRING BREAK with Johnjay & Rich!