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RICH'S LIFE HACKS: Staying healthy amongst sickness


Ditch the Elevator and Take the Stairs Instead

If you kept telling yourself that you don’t have time for exercise, well now you do. This is the least you can do for your mind and body in terms of physical activity.

When you’re at work, at the mall, or anywhere that has elevators and stairs, always pick the stairs. This life hack will take you further than you can ever imagine.

Spare five to ten minutes of your day to sweat a bit as you take the stairs.

Benefits of Daily Stair Climbing:

  • Burns more calories than jogging
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Helps build lean muscle
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Fights stress
  • Tones thighs and tightens buns
  • Reduces the risk of obesity
  • Helps you sleep better at night



On your long commute.

Laughing while stalled or stuck in traffic is a huge - destreeser ..

And can make you forget that you .. a.. have to pee..

And b…. Are late for a work meeting full of of stress..

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