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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: Advice on how to raise your kid

Aries need to solve problems on their own to feel validated.

You have to offer an Aries a sense of independence. Also, when dealing with a competitive child, parents need to be mindful of their own attitude towards competition. For ex: "If you're watching your kid's soccer game, don't only praise the goal," "praise the good passes too."

A Taurus child needs to be given time and space to perform their best.

Now, they might seem like they’re lazy but they just have a desire to be stable, dependable, and patient. Taurus don’t like to be rushed or pushed. If you have a possessive child, practice sharing and taking turns at home.

A Gemini child will benefit from lots of talking, singing, and writing.

They need to be allowed to explore the mind and to express themselves through words. One problem a parent might encounter with a Gemini kid is indecisiveness. To help them become more confident, practice at home with small choices.

A Cancer needs to have a close relationship with their parents.

That bond offers them a sense of security and belonging that allows them to feel safe. It’s important to allow them to engage in family traditions and family gatherings. Focus on helping them build confidence, "you need to be their biggest fan." 

A Leo needs to be praised for their good work.

Leos might 'act out' to get attention, so what the parents should do is express their pride and optimism towards them to bring out their generous qualities. For ex: let’s say they keep interrupting you in a phone call. Instead of letting it happen, warn them before you go make the call and ask them nicely not to interrupt unless it is an emergency. 

Virgo kids benefit from helping with little projects around the house.

A Virgo child needs to feel useful and productive. They need time to analyze and understand the dynamics of everything. It helps with their brain development. Now, if they’re shy, encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and practice eye contact, handshaking, and introductions.

Libra kids like to be part of a larger team and to feel heard.

It’s important for them to remain neutral in their feelings and to not have to make a decision that could hurt another person. Also, Libras have lots of self-pity as kids. So don't tell them 'you're fine, don't cry.' And don’t jump to either extreme with your reactions. Try to be very flat.

Scorpios need alone time to process their thoughts.

Even as children they need privacy. Now, they must be encouraged and asked to share their feelings in a safe and welcoming environment. If they’re not asked how they feel, a Scorpio child might not learn how to emotionally express themselves, they’ll just keep everything in.

A Sagittarius child needs to be allowed to explore and go on adventures.

It’s best to give them endless boundaries, so they have the freedom to develop their ideals and philosophies through first-hand experiences. Sometimes a Sagittarius kid might be a little impatient, so figure out what helps them calm down and breathe without shaming them.

Capricorns children do well with lots of responsibility

They need to utilize their ambition at an early age. As weird as this sounds, they need to be allowed as many chores, projects and sports they’re willing to participate in. Now, if your kid is acting kinda snobby, you need to make sure the problem isn't deeper. Forbid that behavior, add consequences, and find out if they're feeling insecure.

An Aquarius likes to be different and should be allowed to use their imagination.

It’s important to read to an Aquarius child and provide them with technological devices at a very early age to develop their strong sense of logic and progressive thinking. Now, if your Aquarius child is moody, try to help them regulate these moods like you regulate their sleep. 

A Pisces child benefits from a routine and quiet time.

They need that to use their imagination and to dream of the future. However, it’s important to set boundaries for a Pisces child or they might feel overwhelmed with life. Setting a schedule and routine might keep them on track. Now if your concerned your Pisces child is overly-trusting, help them by practicing problem-solving without trying to change who they are.