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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: Stress levels. Ranked from Most to Least

1. Gemini

You’re considered to be the most stressed out sign, and your body usually feels the effects of your nervousness. So you have to make sure you time to get massages to relax and loosen up you back, shoulders and neck where you carry that tension.

2. Aries

You’re one of the signs that stress out the most. You can be a complete ball of tension. Your impatience is a sign of nervousness and stress. People should be careful with you because when pressure builds up, you tend to explode.

3. Pisces

Top 3 when it comes to your level of stress. Pisces are always in a crisis, that’s just how they live their life. You have irrational anxietiesthat can quickly overwhelm you and trigger violent panic attacks. It’s good to be aware of those.

4. Scorpio

You are known to carry a lot of stress. Scorpios are naturally anxious people and you carry a lot of intensity. When your anxiety increases, that causes your level of stress to go up a lot. You definitely need to let off steam physically to release your emotions and be able to move on.

5. Leo

Leos you’re sort of in the middle when it comes to stress. You can be super secretive especially when you’re not feeling your best and that can cause low-key stress you might not even know is there. So you have to try to regulate your nervousness as much as possible, even though controlling your emotions is hard for you.

6. Cancer

Right in the middle when it comes to stress. You could either carry lots of stress or non at all. Now, you’re not the best when it comes to dealing with stress. You do have a temperamental side. Not getting what you want can really stress you out.

7. Aquarius

You’re not one of the most stressful signs. You’re really good at rolling with the punches, you’re known to be pretty chill. However you do get nervous and stressed if things don't happen the way you want them to happen.

8. Taurus

You’re not really a sign that stresses. However, you can be somewhat be a ticking time bomb when you’re mad but you rarely get angry. Now, when the tension does build up, a big tantrum is guaranteed. People around you should know not to stress you out. 

9. Sagittarius

You try to live your life with no stress. Sag are really good at staying in control. You do feel quite agitated at times and when stress creeps in, you don’t hesitate to evacuate your emotions through physical activity.

10. Virgo

Not a very stressed sign. However, when your are stressed and nervous, you don’t like to show it. You do a really good job at hiding your feelings. When you do that, stress can eat you away and you're most likely to have minor health concerns later on.

11. Capricorn

Capricorns are really good at staying calm. You know how to keep your composure in all challenges. However, if people are making you mad or if they’re disappointing you, that’s when stress really kicks in.

12. Libra

You’re known to be the calmest sign out there. You absolutely hate being stressed. Even if there’s a problem, you tend to let it go and move on without getting too worried or caught up in it.