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1. Pisces

Easily one of the most emotional signs, Pisces tend to fall in love easily and hard. You have an openness and tendency to give your heart without reservation to the person you care for, and you don’t hesitate about going all in with them.

2. Scorpio

It might take you a while to find someone that you’re willing to fall in love with, due to your guarded nature. But once you truly feel good about a person, you’ll never let them go. You’re fearless when it comes to love and you have so much passion. If someone can break down your walls and make you fall in love, then they definitely deserve all the love you can give.

3. Cancer

You thrive when you’re in love, so it’s no surprise that when you’re in a relationship, you’ll go out of your way to invest and pour all your love into it. You’re always hopeful that each of your relationships will be the one that’s forever, and you have no issues with doing whatever it takes to make that a reality.

4. Libra

We know, you want to make sure everyone around you is happy and that most definitely applies to the person you fall in love with. You’re known for entering a relationship for the long haul, so it doesn’t surprise anyone that between those two traits, you’ll do anything to show your love for your partner.

5. Taurus

The beauty about you, is that when people come around you, they don’t have to play a guessing game on whether you like them or not. When you love hard, you're straightforward about it and your partners love that about you. You dedicate yourself to your relationship, mainly because you do not like change at all.

6. Capricorn

When it comes to love, you’re dedicated, loyal, and fully invested. Your partner tends to be surprised at how much you love them because you give off the vibe that you aren’t really in touch with your emotions whatsoever. But you aren’t one to think about leaving your partner once you’ve fallen in love with them, you take things serious.

7. Virgo

You are capable of loving someone deeply, but they’ll have to take the time to break down your walls, and they’ll have to do it brick by brick. You’ll eventually find yourself opening up to a person, and falling in love with them in a way that surprises you. Which can sometimes leave you second guessing if this is even a good idea in the first place. 

8. Aquarius

You aren’t someone to fall in love unless you feel deeply connected to a person on multiple levels. Once you find your match and once they break through your detached nature, there’s no doubt you’ll love them. But you also won’t hesitate to leave someone if they try to take your freedom away.

9. Leo

You want everyone to love you, and people might give you a bad rep for focusing on yourself, but you also have a big heart and you love showering people with your love. The issue happens when you start to wonder if you’re settling for less. You won’t have trouble leaving if you find yourself believing there is someone better for you.

10. Gemini

You do have strong feelings, but you have a hard time sticking with them. You might fall for someone passionately, but then the next day you question if you truly feel that way at all. You might wonder if there’s another path you should take, and you have no problem walking away from a relationship.

11. Aries

You see falling in love as passionate and exciting. You love having someone to share in your adventures with, yet you find yourself bored by being with the same person day after day. You have too much fun meeting new people and trying new things to stick to just one person.

12. Sagittarius

It’s not that you don’t love intensely, you just know there’s a whole world out there to see, and you want your freedom to explore it. Having someone to love is amazing, but you won’t allow your feelings to keep you attached if you think it’s holding you back. The moment you start to feel bored stuck, you won’t hesitate to break free.