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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: Ranking The Signs From Most To Least Romantic

1. Pisces

You have high hopes for what love looks like, you can actually picture the perfect romantic fantasy. You want everything to feel like a dream and you would do anything for love and romance, hoping your partner would do the same for you.

2. Leo

You want the passion and the drama that comes with a romantic relationship. You’re not afraid to display how you feel to the world and you'll do anything to make sure the person you love feels on top of the world.

3. Libra

You would rather have the person that loves you shower you with affection and romance. You’re all about that fairytale love, and you won’t hesitate to go out of your way to show how you feel- because it comes natural to you. You’re usually the one that caters to the other person. Hoping they’ll do the same for you.

4. Scorpio

You might be hard to read, but you want traditional romance. You want the passion and dedication of an epic love story. When you feel safe and secure, you won’t hesitate to give everything you got, to make that possible; it just takes time to get there.

5. Cancer

You’re far more focused on the emotional component than the grand gesture. When it comes to romance, you believe in getting to know a person inside and out. For you, building a strong foundation is the best way to keep a relationship going. You’re thoughtful and intentional- and you’re not afraid to do whatever it takes to make your partner feel loved and secure.

6. Taurus

You have high standards when it comes to relationships. You don’t just want to hear romantic words- you want the whole package. You want to feel appreciated and be swept off your feet. You’re all about spoiling the person you love because thats how you show you care.

7. Aries

You get excited about the person you have feelings for, and you feel like you should go above and beyond for them! However, you would rather be the romantic one than someone doing things for you. That sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable but no one can deny that you’re willing to go the extra mile for romance.

8. Virgo

You might seem kinda cynical, like you don’t really care about romance, but that’s not entirely true. Underneath the tough exterior, you’re kinda a softie. You might not be covering the bed with rose petals, but you might get them their favorite snack, surprise them with a compliment, or plan an extravagant date out of nowhere. Thats how you show your love.

9. Capricorn

You’re kinda old school when it comes to romance. You aim for all the classics like- buying flowers, calling them every night, and going on dinner dates. Some people might call it cheesy, but it wins people over. Some might say you're going through the motions, but the intentions are there!

10. Sagittarius

Romance isn’t necessarily a priority for you. You prefer discovery and adventure together. Thats how you like to bond with your partner. You're more than capable of planning something extremely romantic but you’d rather spend that time and money traveling somewhere.

11. Gemini

You’re not against romance by any means, you just hesitate to embrace it the same way as other signs do. You like to keep your options open. You can be a die-hard romantic if you want, but because you jump so quickly from one moment to the next, people don’t get to see it. The romantic ideas exist, but you don’t take your time to showcase them.

12. Aquarius

You’re just not interested in being romantic by traditional standards, and no one can change your mind on that. For you, romance looks like exploring each other’s minds and pushing each other to trying new things. Now that might be romantic for you, but it might not be for others. You don’t want to give off the vibe that you’re too attached.