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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: How You Handle Emergencies


You’re always fueled by adrenaline, so you’re in your element during emergencies. You’re the hero who jumps into action right away. Others might hesitate to do something but not an Aries. So, you can definitely count on this sign if things go wrong.


You’re someone that can’t stand change or unexpected surprises. So in emergencies, you become frozen. You find it hard to move and to think fast. Once you realize and have accepted what’s happening around you, then you’re able to make moves and help yourself.


You’re not afraid to run for the hills when something goes wrong. When it comes to an emergencies you’ll save yourself first, and maybe worry about others later on. It really all depends on the situation, if you feel like you’re safe then you’ll be extremely helpful. But if you feel like your life is in danger, then you’re out.


When it comes to an emergency you’re someone who cares more about other people than yourself. If someone you love is in danger, then you’re going to do whatever you possibly can to help them first. You’re the type to sacrifice your life for others.


You’re someone who usually has a meltdowns over the tiniest things. But, strangely, you are super calm when there’s an emergency. You keep your cool and tend to always take the lead. You feel like you’re most like the one to get everyone to safety.


You’re someone who worries almost all the time. Therefore, emergencies rarely catch you by surprise. You’ve already thought every scenario through in your head, so you know exactly what to do when things go sideways. Once, you find yourself and other people at safety, you’re definitely the one to whip out your phone and start record and documenting everything.


When there’s an emergency, you get really quiet. You freak out, internally, but you try not to show it. You try to stay strong for everyone around you because you know that if you panic you’re only going to scare people and make the situation worse.


You’re actually someone that gets angry when something goes wrong. So when theres an emergency, the first thing you do is try to find someone to blame. At first, you have trouble controlling yourself but after letting out your emotions, you’re able to just focus on fixing the problem. 


You’re not really surprised when something goes wrong. You’re someone that’s constantly thinking of worst case scenarios so emergencies don’t freak you out very much. Sag are really good at cheering people up in bad situations and making you laugh even when things are super scary. 


You always keep your cool, even when you’re panicking on the inside. You’re the perfect person to have around during an emergency because you make everyone feel like it’s going to be okay. You have a gift of making sure people are calm and you give them hope. 


You’re someone that will break into tears during an emergency. You have a hard time being able to control your emotions in situations like this. It’ll definitely get the best of you, but if you’re surrounded by the right people you’ll be able to get through an emergency just fine. 


During an emergency, you can be very insensitive. You might make jokes and not really help out first, causing even more damage. However, afterwards you’ll be very compassionate and you’ll help others with your sweet gentle soul. You’re a great source of comfort, just don’t expect a pisces to be the brave one that saves the day.