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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: The New Moon in Aries Is Bringing Intense Energy

The new moon in Aries strong energy will be hard to ignore. We can expect to confront deep triggers or even trauma.


The new moon in your season is going to grant you the opportunity to reflect deeper on your identity. Who you are, and who you want to be. It's a magical time to start a creative project that feeds your soul or release whatever is no longer serving you.

You should try spending time with yourself in front of the mirror. Practice repeating positive affirmations and looking directly into your eyes, no matter how tough that might be.


This new moon will push you to acknowledge your pain, rather than bury it. What can you let go of, to make more space for your true self. You might have to sit with some discomfort but it’ll be for the best.

Sometimes, a simple nap goes a long way. Your sense of rest might be out of whack, and if you can schedule a midday nap, your body and your work will benefit from it.


Socializing might be natural for you, but this new moon energy will push you to reflect deeper in your friendships. Transformative connections can be made at this time. You could find yourself in the right place, at the right time. It's important to closely consider whether the people your surrounding yourself with, are the ones who uplift you and support you.


New beginnings might be taking off in your career during the Aries new moon energy. But at the same time, matters in your private life might be intensifying. While this energy might be tough to manage, know that you’re worthy of stepping into a new arena within your field, and you have an opportunity to redefine your reputation.


During the new moon on March 31st, your horizons will feel open and unlimited. Think about how you’re framing your future. What’s your long-term vision? The more you try new things and embrace discomfort, the more expansion you'll experience.

Something you can do, is sink into some guided meditation. Tap into your spiritual side.


Be ready for an emotional rollercoaster. The new moon tomorrow, will hit sensitive parts of your life. Rather than resist, try to sit with the discomfort. When you allow your honest feelings to bubble to the surface, you're able to reclaim your emotional world and address pain from the past.

If you're having trouble managing your emotions, take a bath. Immersing yourself in water will help you navigate the inner turbulence you might feel.


Your love life might be due for a cosmic reset. This new moon will be asking you to determine whether your emotional needs are being met. If you're single, you could meet someone who has the ability to see all of you. And if you're partnered, this is a powerful time to get extra-vulnerable with the one you love. So, leave no topics off the table with loved ones. You'll feel a weight lifted once you do.


Your health is what matters the most at this time. This new moon in Aries season will activate your daily wellness and routines, reminding you that your health can't be reduced to a simple checklist. Learn how to shift your daily habits to support a healthier lifestyle.

Maybe you choose to drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, instead of rolling out of bed and diving into your inbox.


This new moon, will allow you meet with your inner child, and to send them light, love, and the nurturing you always needed. It's a time to embrace laughter and creativity. Leaning into fun is key for healing at this time.


Stories from your past or your family's past or memories that you've buried deep within could surface during this time. The new moon in Aries season will encourage you to resolve lingering resentments and call in for a fresh start.

So, spend some time going through childhood photos or strolling down memory lane with a relative. You might uncover something important that could help redefine or shape your future.


This new moon will encourage you to pick up a new skill or talent. Perhaps you feel inspired to study something new or even learn to do something artistic with your hands. Using your hands and mind together at this time is powerful.

You might want to record your thoughts on a journal, if it feels like too much, start with a daily gratitude list.


You might feel encouraged to focus on your self-worth. This new moon in Aries season will be focusing on your resources and finances, reminding you that you’re always your own best advocate. How can you show up for yourself, and what you need to do, to feel valued and appreciated.

So, it’s time to treat yourself okay, even a manicure or a massage can help you.