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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: Type Of Blogger Or Influencer You Should Be

Aries: You could be that style influencer who likes dictating trends

Aries are very specific about their appearance, and they love being the first to try new trends, and are ready to force their newest obsession on all their followers. Aries are for sure the type to argue in the comments too!

Taurus: You could be a food and lifestyle blogger 

Taurus love everything comforting and cosy, so you can’t go wrong with finding the best restaurants, hotels and spas for everyone. Taureans would basically be living their dream, if they got to do this for a living.

Gemini: You could be a Fashion and makeup blogger

The fact that Gemini’s have a had time sticking to one thing, would make them phenomenal at fashion. You’re also clever enough to come up great captains and have no problem frequently posting on social media and being online all day. Gemini’s blog would pretty much be a little bit of everything.

Cancer: You could be a Food blogger who loves cooking and photographing meals

Cancer’s associate being well-fed with being cared for, making them great cooks (because they actually take their time making something good). Also, apparently this sign is really good with cameras, and they tend to have an eye for food photography.

Leo: You could be an entertainment vlogger who spends all day recording their life

Leos love delivering a performance, entertaining people with clever lines, funny jokes, and dramatic monologues. Thats truly their dream. If you could be an influencer, you would spend all day doing that and love it.

Virgo: You could be the Health and nutrition guru, that probably does yoga 3x a day

You would make an excellent health coach, influencing people to follow their organic vegan diets, yoga routine, and exercise regime. Virgos just get excited exchanging information on supplements and salad recipes via social media.

Libra: You could be a Wedding blogger and model for wedding dresses

Libra is the sign of marriage, which would explain why Libras are so obsessed with weddings. From the beautiful outfits to flower arrangements, they definitely have an eye for all that. That’s why wedding blogging could totally be your thing.

Scorpio: You could be a Beauty blogger and makeup artist

Jeffree Star, Patrick Starr are some scorpios in the makeup and beauty scene. Believe it or not, there’s more Scorpios in that industry than you know. This sign probably started wearing red lipstick and perfume at 13, and enjoys creating a mysterious image by playing with makeup.

Sagittarius: You could be a Travel blogger who’s always at the beach or somewhere totally different than the norm

Your social media is all about sipping daiquiris in Tulum while offering a discount code for the third bikini you’ve worn that day. For a sign that loves change and hates being pinned down, that's for sure your dream life.

Capricorn: You could be a Luxury lifestyle influencer who loves feeling rich

Capricorn’s are all about the good life, keeping it fancy and boujee. They love taking photos at exclusive events, popping champagne and taking selfies with other influencers and celebrities. To Capricorns, it's all about feeling rich and looking important to the world.

Aquarius: You could be the Woke blogger who promotes justice and calls out Kim K for cultural appropriation

Aquarians are known to be activists, and they can't take that out of their system as influencers. This rebellious sign is likely to use their platform for spreading awareness.

Pisces: You could be the Artsy photographer who uses the fade filter a little too much

Pisces are all about their craft and their vision. They care more about capturing what they see, adding different filters to it, and spreading their perspective with the world through photography. For them, being an influencer is about teaching others how to see the world in a different light.