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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: Which Celebrity Perfectly Defines Your Sign

Aries: Reese Witherspoon

Reese is a natural leader who has so much charisma. This fire sign is bold, confident and attention grabbing. Not only that but this sign’s ambitious, assertive and doesn’t tolerate any BS. However, Aries are also impatient, stubborn and hate being bossed around. Thats why Reese now has her own production company that makes films featuring complex, independent women. 

Taurus: Adele

Taurus is ruled by Venus — the planet of love and passion — but it’s also a fixed earth sign, which makes Taurus stubborn and purposeful. Adele perfectly embodies that combination. She has the power to create beautiful, moving art, but she only does so on her own terms. Capable of intense focus, she’s not one to be rushed. She’s in control of her own creative decisions.

Gemini: Kendrick Lamar

Even though Kanye has described himself as “the ultimate Gemini,” some might say he represents an immature manifestation of the sign. On the other hand, Kendrick channels his dualities into cohesive, eloquent, inspiring projects. Kendrick perfectly flows between personalities in his music, from the swaggering millionaire to the champion of humility and progress. Making him the true “ultimate Gemini.

Cancer: Selena Gomez

For years we’ve experienced her always being so lovable. Selena recently described herself as “perfectly imperfect,” which is also the Cancer sign in a nutshell. Cancers are known for their maturity in spiritual, karmic and artistic ways. They’re very sensitive to their surroundings and emotions, which makes them caring, generous, and intuitive to other’s needs. Selena is one of the few celebrities who seems to genuinely care for her fans.

Leo: Kylie Jenner

Remember when Kylie Jenner was pregnant the first time? Nobody really knew, but we’re still talking about it. That’s the power of a true Leo. Leos are stereotypically depicted as vain, self-obsessed people. But they’re truly loving people that just thrive on compliments and recognition. Kylie is the perfect example of a Leo who has grown up in the exposure of a blinding spotlight. She handles the attention like an expert and was boss enough to build a lipstick empire.

Virgo: Zendaya

This girl was freshly 21 years old and already has her stuff figured out better than most adults. This is the track record of a Virgo in their element. They can be skeptical, self-critical perfectionists but they think about everything. Zendaya thinks about her style on the red carpet to how her image will affect young girls. She’s careful in the best possible way. She knows where she came from and she knows where she’s going. If her Virgo nature continues to do its job, she’ll take over the world soon enough.

Libra: Halsey

Billboard actually called Halsey “pop’s most progressive star.” She works hard for harmony and flexibility in her life, often going above and beyond to show her fans that she cares. Also, Libras hate being bias and hate to be perceived as biased. They’re accomplished at considering multiple different perspectives and stubbornly lean toward the option that fosters equality. Halsey has been extremely vocal about social issues: speaking out against sexism in the music industry. Thats a Libra for you, always fighting for what’s right. 

Scorpio: Lorde

Scorpios are intensely private, guarded and secretive individuals. They’re often read as mysterious, but they’re mostly just misunderstood. The typical Scorpio is highly developed, both intellectually and spiritually. Lorde has found the perfect outlet for her sign’s obsessive, sometimes self-destructive nature — and has used it to transform herself, to elevate her emotions and inspire others in a very Scorpio way.

Sagittarius: Nicki Minaj 

Like a true Sagittarius, Nicki Minaj is never one to shy away from being the best. You’ll never see a Nicki Minaj verse that doesn’t mention her role as the most influential, best-selling female rapper of all time. Sagittarians are also charismatic, seductive and confident individuals and that’s what draws people to Nicki Minaj. She’s a notorious show-off. An independent, talented woman who stands alone at the top, but never gets lonely.

Capricorn: Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is super down to earth, practical, and a capable woman. She spent 8 years in a job she never wanted nor asked for, but still stood strong and with confidence in a way that only Capricorns cans. This sign also love to prove people wrong and that’s exactly what she did.

Aquarius: Harry Styles 

Harry Styles has proved himself capable of reinvention. With his self-titled debut, he pushed his own boundaries and fearlessly evolved as an artist under the judgmental gaze of every music snob who branded him as nothing but a pretty pop star. Aquarians are famously open-minded, curious and adaptable people and that’s why Harry styles naturally stands out.

Pisces: Rihanna

This sign is usually stereotyped as the daydreaming weirdo — head in the clouds, totally out of touch. But in reality they have a zero f’s given attitude, just like Rihanna. They have a strong sense of self and no concern as to whether it matches the public opinion. Pisces are full of empathy and compassion, but when it comes to their own selves, they’re groundbreaking individuals. In classic Pisces fashion, Rihanna navigates the world using her sharp and wise intuition.