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HOROSCOPE SIGNS: How May Will Affect You


Creativity runs deep within you, but this month you might be facing roadblocks when it comes to expressing your passions. May 2nd, 10th, and 24th will help you push towards on your projects. Rather than dwelling on feeling unmotivated, think of inventive ways to get yourself going again. Make a list of actions to take on and call others for assistance or advice. You have all the tools you need to make your dream come true.


This month calls for extra self-care. Even though you often put your needs on the back burner, it’s time for you to put yourself first. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of pampering. You deserve to have this time to destress and rejuvenate your mind and spirit.


Your naturally optimistic self has been feeling a little pessimistic lately. During this month, you’re encouraged to change your outlook and start focusing on good vibes. Try to find joy in everyday activities, like daily walks, socializing with friends, or blasting music while you’re driving. Do this, almost every day, and your energy will be brighter by May 30th.


You have lots dreams, even if you don’t always believe they’re possible. What you need to do, is embrace your fantasy world this month. Allow yourself the opportunity to play out your desires. Your dreams might come true, if you use your creativity to make it happen. You can create the world you want, if you lean into your imagination and believe it can happen.


You might be feeling yourself at the beginning of the month. You’ll be acting with extra confidence on May 10th, however on May 16th you might feel a dip in your self-esteem. All the more reason for you to create a grounding ritual to manage ups and downs. The more balance you have in life, the easier it’ll be to keep your emotions in check, so you aren’t too upset or disappointed when things don’t go your way.


Finding a balance that aligns with your friends' and significant other’s schedules, will be harder than ever this month. Give your loved ones, a little hint when you need or want more TLC. Tender loving care. Chances are, they’ll compromise and give you the attention you’re craving. But definitely make space in your calendar to spend time with loved ones.


You might start to branch out into new territory by the middle of May, and find new playful activities that will fill your heart with joy. All these exciting new progressions, will show you exactly what you need to let go of. Reflect on adventures from the past and start to think about the future, so you can plan some incredible events.


It’s been a long road towards building confidence and boosting your self-esteem, but you’re learning to truly love yourself. You'll actually feel a strong sense of self-love on May 16th. In fact, you might spend the last week of May feeling appreciative of everything you’ve fought to achieve. It’s time to own the qualities that make you special this month.


For you, the past is present this month. May is going to bring you a sense of nostalgia. It could be as simple as, a familiar scent or even a song that reminds you of a specific moment from the past. It’s a good time to feel your memories. Don’t feel guilty for wanting to honor those moments — It’s OK to think about the good old days once in a while.


Lazy weekends spent at home are never a waste of time, especially when you have a lot weighing on your tender heart. This month, make time for some important conversations with friends or family. The road towards personal growth is hard, but you'll be motivated to give transformation a try during the month of May. Once you do, you’ll finding yourself thriving again. 


It might be hard for you to be direct with your needs during this month, which can cause frustrations between you, your family, and coworkers. So, watch your mood on May 16th, as you might be in temper tantrum territory. Take a moment to calm your energy and you’ll feel refreshed to take on the other problems in your personal world.


You might be getting fed up with your family, friends, and colleagues because they assume that you have all the time in the world to discuss their problems. So it’s time to finally set boundaries Pisces. Before you make any snarky comment out of annoyance, make sure they’re aware that you’re more than just an ear to listen to their issues. If you can’t find the best way to express yourself with words, then make sure you remove yourself from a certain circle by May 30th.