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You won’t hesitate to take a few chances today and you may even do something that shocks friends and colleagues. You’re in the mood to make things happen – and big things at that.


Your ability to read people will alert you to the fact that someone is lying to you today. You may not know why and you may not be able to prove it but know that you need to ignore what they say. Always trust your instincts.


Reach out to a friend or school-mate, or even a distant relative, you have not been in touch with for a while. If you arrange some kind of get-together today you will both have a really great time. There is so much to catch up on and you’re definitely in need of a friend!


If someone in a position of authority demands that you get with the program it would be to your benefit to do as they say. Yes, they could talk to you in a friendlier manner but the fact is you have been slacking off a bit lately and you need to get it together.


Your daredevil nature can take you further than ever right now. You possess both the courage and the confidence to get out into the world and get things done. Start making waves and start making the moves you’ve been thinking about.


An investment of some kind is likely to pay off over the next few days and you will be pleased with yourself that you made the right call. However, there was an element of luck involved too, so don’t start thinking you’re some kind of genius in this situation.


Leave no-one in any doubt today what it is you expect of them. Be friendly and constructive in your approach but make sure they know it’s not really a request – if they know what is good for them they will do their part with a smile!


You will make your presence felt today, especially on the work front where you are in no mood to play games. These are serious times and you have serious goals to reach, so make sure colleagues know what they have to do. They’ll get the message. 


You’re going to be coming in with levels of confidence that other people find intimidating today. That’s good, because it makes it less likely they will attempt to oppose your plans. They wouldn’t even dare!


You have to make an effort to think before you speak, especially when dealing with sensitive family matters. If you come across as uncaring or unfeeling… loved ones are unlikely to be receptive to your ideas.


Call it as you see it today and ignore those who say you should try seeing life from the other guy’s point of view. Why on earth should you when the people you are now dealing with don’t ever try to see things from your point of view? Do you own thing today


You may be tempted to demonstrate your love for someone by showering them with gifts but that’s the wrong way to go about it. If their feelings for you are as deep as your feelings for them… then just being close to you will be magic enough.