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PAYTON'S PREDICTIONS: What Taylor Swift Song Are You


Bad Blood is your Taylor Swift song

Aries have the child-like quality of being so trusting…until they do you wrong. Don’t worry if there’s a snake in your garden right now. Taylor Swift knows better than most that true friends will come along eventually. They’ll appreciate your honesty, transparency, and genuine intentions rather than take advantage of them. 


Gorgeous is the song for you

Taurens usually have a taste for the finer things in life. You have a strong sense for the aesthetic, which isn’t a bad thing at all. People think this may be shallow, but you know true beauty when you see it. It’s a good thing Taylor Swift totally understands what you mean.


Getaway Car is your Song

Because of your adaptability and restlessness, it’s never a boring moment with you. Taylor Swift uses her lyrics in “Getaway Car” to paint an action-filled image of two former lovers who had a rollercoaster of a relationship. Gemini’s have the tendency to put themselves in the situations only for drama


Back To December

Cancer signs are known for being sentimental. In “Back To December,” Taylor Swift imagines catching up with her ex after a while, thinking about the times they had. However, it’s good to let go in order for you to truly move on… but you can’t help thinking of old memories



Even Taylor Swift’s hair on her Fearless album cover reminds people of our Lion signs. As Leos, we embody that bold and brave persona without even trying. With the right people around you to encourage you, you can easily be the best version of yourself.


Love Story

You’re not really one to pine over another, but hear me out. You admire hard work and dedication, a story that struggled to get what it was trying to achieve in the first place. Despite that struggle, you know that with the right amount of perseverance, you always get what you want.


Blank Space

The most agreeable of the zodiac signs, Libras are never short of potential lovers. Although Taylor Swift wrote “Blank Space” to make fun of all the rumors about her and her long list of ex-boyfriends, there’s a big chance you also have your own list.



Sometimes it can be a little hard to trust others.. but that’s only because when you fall in love, you fall hard. In “Delicate,” Taylor Swift describes the worries you tend to have in a new relationship. Don’t be afraid to communicate these thoughts with your favorite person instead of letting them build up in your head.


We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is your jam

You’re definitely the most fun of all the zodiac signs. This Taylor Swift song is the most fun to play and scream your lungs out to after a breakup. Like her, you definitely know how to pick yourself back up and stand your ground.


Shake It Off

Capricorn, you never let challenges stop you from getting things done. “Shake It Off” is basically your life’s anthem. Continue to move past the problems and focus on solutions instead by never letting the problems hold you down.



Although you aren’t known to be overtly egotistical, you are very free-spirited and rebellious at heart which can be seen as selfish by some. Regardless, you know you feel the best when you are free to be you, which you know is a unique and interesting individual!


Wildest Dreams

One popular trait of people with Pisces as their sign is that you’re always day-dreaming. Sometimes you might have a hard time keeping in touch with reality because of your high sensitivity of emotions. This Taylor Swift song is dreamy and idealistic, just like you.