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You may be eager to push ahead with new projects but make sure you finish an existing project first. If you have too many things on the go at the same time it will quickly become confusing and that’s when mistakes could be made.


Have the confidence to try something new today, even though you know it is unlikely to meet with the approval of certain people. You will either win big or lose big, but either way you’ll be happy you had a go.


Today is the day to impress colleagues and clients with your can-do attitude and your willingness to take it head on and come back for more when things don’t go right. You may have all the talent in the world but it’s staying power that guarantees success.


A quick decision may not be the best decision today, so take your time and make sure you look at a situation from all possible angles before choosing a particular course of action. DO NOT RUSH THINGS TODAY


Whatever you start today is sure to work out well for you but you still need to do some pre-planning. You have a tendency to rush in to things and that will inevitably lead to mistakes and delays. Get it right the first time.


Go out of your way to do what people ask of you today, because there will be some serious money at stake and your cooperation will be the key to success. A little bit of effort on your part will bring some major rewards.


Make sure you do everything by the book today, because if you go off on a tangent or start making waves the results could be messy. This applies especially to your working environment where others won’t take kindly to you ignoring the rules.


If the people around you want to fight over a bunch of different issues then let them but don’t get caught up in their petty drama, They honestly aren’t even that serious and you have better things to do with your time than argue over what’s of zero importance.


Someone who thinks they are tough enough to take you on will regret it when they realize they are not in your league after all. Don’t be too hard on them though. You should admire their fighting spirit, and honestly take some notes. You’re getting a little too comfortable


Some of the connections you make between now and the weekend will be useful later in the year when you need to call on people in positions of power to help you, so be sociable and be ready to shake a few hands – it’s good for business. Especially if you really want to succeed


You need to get serious not only about your long-term objectives but also about how you will finance them. You probably need to trim your ambitions a little bit – not every goal will be cost effective. Find what you want to do and really sit down and make a game plan for it


No matter what the facts and figures may say your gut is telling you something very different and you would be an absolute fool to ignore it. Think of all the times in the past you trusted the so-called “experts”. Just think for yourself today