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Some sick, some better, aaaaand some at a gay bar in LA with their offsprin

HAPPY MONDAY! It's a case of the mondays for sure. Payton and Rich are all good again but Kyle is hanging on by a thread and feeling very sick! Will she be able to keep going or will we lose her to a few days off as well? We shall seeeeee.....

In the meantime, here's what went down today

Jeremy called us to tell us he hooked up with his stalker?Lindsay... she dated her therapists son and has a CRAAZZZY dating life, has an update for us!Johnjay wound up at a gay bar with JakeOur BOSS got on the phone to answer Mindy's question about how our home station in Phoenix operates (104.7 KISS FM) Malcolm is PUT THROUGH IT in Switcharoo todayAll of this and much much more! Stick with us and find out if the illness took it easy on Kyle or not! See you tomorrow!